You've earned a TJ Lewis Real Estate, LLC agent. 

Why? Because you've put in the time and energy to deserve the best. You deserve more than a sign in the yard. You deserve an agent who will communicate with you the pros and cons of your listing decisions. 



Price your home strategically, so you're competitive with the current market and price trends. We want to be aggressive in your favor. We listen to your goals and create a strategy that will help us achieve those goals.


Staging & Repairs

Some repairs are very beneficial while others won't get you that return you are looking for. Let's walk the home and see what repairs are best for your goals.



Flyers, Signs, Internet, In-house, as well as social media special groups (only agents), are used to quickly sell your home. 



Clear and transparent communication. We work for listings to go smooth and efficient; however, we are prepared and knowledgeable the moment you are in need. As we move forward, communicating your options to you is a top priority.